Supporting All Major Image File Formats & Extensions

Get away from single file type online image optimizers and work with an image compression tool that allows you to compress the most widely used file types on the web, including JPG, PNG, PDF, GIF, WebP, JPG2, TIFF, and SVGs.

Learn more about the image extensions we support below.


JPG or JPEG is a lossy (meaning unnoticeable image data is eliminated) compressed file format which is ideal for storing large amounts of photos without taking too much space on a hard drive. Good for web, though not an ideal web format if you’re looking for lossless quality and compression capability. Convert images to JPG and compress existing JPG’s with Tinybeest.


PNGs are a lossless (meaning no data is eliminated) image file type that provide high quality resolution while keeping file sizes reasonably small. They are great for use on the web and allow for transparency within an image. Compress and optimize PNGs with Tinybeest.


PDF stands for Portable Document Format and it is an image format developed by Adobe that represents printed documents including text formatting and images that display properly regardless of software. With Tinybeest, you can convert other image formats like JPG to pdf, or make existing PDFs smaller.


GIF stands for graphics interchange format and the jury is still out on whether it’s pronounced with a hard “G” or not. All you really need to know is that a GIF is a lossless image file format limited to 256 colors and it is commonly used for animated graphics and web comics. While not ideal for fast image loading on the web, you can resize and compress GIFs to smaller size and better optimization with Tinybeest.


WebP is a relatively new image format developed by Google that features both lossless and lossy image compression formats. On average WebP images are 26% smaller in size when compared to PNGs and around 30% smaller than JPGs. With Tinybeest, you can convert all existing JPGs and PNGs on your site to the more web-friendly WebP file format.


Short for JPEG2000, JPG2s are very similar to JPGs but offer better quality compression. Launched in 2000, JPG2 was designed to replace the outdated JPG format.


TIFFs are image files that can also contain additional types of data including image information like date, resolution, as well as vector components. These types of images are rich in data and often require lots of data to process and load. TIFFs are often used by photographers and artists for their lossless quality. With Tinybeest, you can convert TIFF images or compress them to a more manageable size.


Scalable Vector Graphics are a web-friendly image format that are ideal for its scalability and responsiveness. With Tinybeest, you can compress SVG files down, while maintaining responsibility, resolution, and performance.