Compress Your Way to Impressive Site Speed

Your site’s speed is a crucial part of how your customers interact with your content. No matter your industry, site speed needs to be a priority. Save seconds on your page load and impress Google in the meantime by compressing and optimizing your images with Tinybeest..

Search engines, like Google, gauge your site speed and load time to make sure it’s fast and user-friendly. If your site is slow, especially on mobile, your users are likely getting frustrated and it could be hurting your site SEO.

According to KissMetrics, 40% of online shoppers are likely to abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Don’t become a statistic.

More often than not, image size, resolution, and image format are causes for a site to run slow. Site speed and image format as well as max image size settings can be crucial to getting better speed scores.

Fix slow load speeds with Tinybeest’s powerful image compression tool. With Tinybeest, you can:

  • Compress you images and photos to the ideal size for page load speed
  • Convert images to next-gen formats that are well-suited for the web
  • Resize and change image resolution for quick load times

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