Convert Image Files

Now you can easily convert images to ideal file types with Tinybeest. Our Chrome Extension and desktop app work with most major file types, including JPG, PNG, PDF, GIF, WebP, JPG2, TIFF, and SVGs.

With most web applications and desktop apps, resizing and converting file types is a multistep process. With Tinybeest, we’ve made it simple to convert single or large batches of images from one image file type to another.

Lossless Image File Conversion

Tinybeest uses various open sources libraries in combination with custom proprietary technologies to allow for the best compression.

There are two types of image compression methods used, lossless and lossy. Depending on the type of file format simple steps are taken such as deflating, transformation, and removing EXIF metadata which can greatly reduce file size. Finding the right balance between the smallest file size while maintaining virtually the same image quality. This basic concept is at the core of why we created Tinybeest.