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Optimize Images for the Web 

Tinybeest is a Chrome Extension and desktop app that optimizes, compresses, resizes, renames, and converts images in several formats for the web. 

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Reduce Image File Size by 90% Without a Loss in Quality

As cameras get better, photo file sizes are getting larger. Site speed and image size is a key component of good SEO as it impacts user experience. Large, unoptimized images may look nice, but they can decrease site speed and SEO quality. Tinybeest can help you optimize images, save bandwidth on site load times, and please the Google gods.

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Bulk Compress & Resize Photos

The Tinybeest desktop app creates a local folder to batch optimize, compress, and resize photos and images. Tinybeest for Chrome lets users resize images directly from your browser and provides real time image size and optimization analysis on any web page. Save time and increase productivity with Tinybeest. Download, compress, resize and optimize images in bulk to their ideal size and dimensions to improve your site’s performance.

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Optimize & Convert All Major Image File Types & Extensions 

Tinybeest supports several of the most widely used image file types on the web. Not only can you optimize, compress, and resize images, you can also convert between image file extensions. Using the Tinybeest desktop apps, you can convert JPG to PNG, JPG to WebP, animated GIF to WebP, and more. Supported image file types include JPG, PNG, PDF, GIF, WebP, JPG2, TIFF, and SVGs. 

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Process Massive PDFs and SVGs

When PDFs get too bloated for email and need to be compressed, Tinybeest is the answer. Use our desktop image compression app to compress, rename, add a password, and convert to black and white. SVGs are a great vector format for logos and icons. Use Tinybeest to strip out unneeded shapes and link duplicate paths. 

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Simple Site Speed Improvements

Improve your site speed with optimized images with Tinybeest. For most website owners, they don’t want to go through the hassle of learning about image resolution, image dimensions, and convoluted export settings. With Tinybeest we make image optimization for site speed improvement as easy as just a few clicks for users of any technical background. 

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Image SEO Audit & Analysis

Along with our optimization and compression features, Tinybeest also provides helpful auditing and analysis tools for website owners, designers, developers, SEOs, photographers and more. Use Tinybeest Pro to unlock instant image audit and analysis at a glance to see what improvements can be made to your site. 

See what users are saying 

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"Worked like magic. Saved me so much time sharing 300px to fb friends. Thanks so much." 

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"This really helped out today, I got the MAC Version and it makes everything so easy! Actually did a better job than the other sites I've used in the past." 

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"So great. Used it for my projects on github and worked like a charm. easy, fluid, and does exactly what its supposed to do."